KVK Division

Based on advance technology needs of the farming community and the future potential of agriculture in the district of Nawada. This KVK has identified the thrust areas in different disciplines.

These are described below

Crop Production

1.Adoption of improved technologies in crop production.
2.Resource conservation technology in rice-wheat cropping system.
3.Use of bio-fertilizer and organic mannure.
4.Integrated nutrient Management.
5.Integrated weed Management.

Plant Breeding

1.seed production

Plant Protection

1.Integrated insect pest management. 2.Integrated disease management.

Horticultural Development

1.High density Plantation of fruit plants.
2.Cultivation of rain based fruit crops.
3.Popularization of improved technologies for vegetables growing in rain fed areas.

Agricultural Engineering

1.Improvement in tillage practices and reduction in labour requirement by using improved implements.
2.Resource conversation techniques in paddy and wheat.
3.Installation and maintenance of micro irrigation.
4.Care and maintenance of farm implements.

Home Science

1.Health care of mother & child.
2.Value addition to cloths .
3.value addition to fruits and vegetables. 4.Agriculture based income generation activities